Dade County, Georgia, USA


Vanity Callsign

08 April 2021

Well after a couple months of serious thought I finally decided to change my callsign. When I first got my license I went for a vanity callsign that I really liked, but over time it became.. cumbersome. People always miss one of the two K's at the beginning, or think it's KJ instead of KK, even though I say it phonetically. So time for a change. After all of the thinking and searching I narrowed it down to only two for my list and submitted the application early this morning. And in 18 days I'll have my new shorter callsign with no repetitive letters. It seems like there'll be a lot of things to change when it is granted. Like this website for example. And the stenciling on my truck. And my DMR ID and everywhere else that my callsign is. oh and an email address! geesh!

73, kk7tll (w7lte)

Questions or comments? Feel free to email me at tim@w7lte.com!