Dade County, Georgia, USA


Hello From Georgia!

06 July 2022

Well I'm back, after months of radio (and internet) silence. We finally made our long awaited move to Tennessee, and we ended up buying some land in Georgia instead. Radios had to take the back burner to habitation. I bought a school bus and converted it in to our house. We cleared just enough of the woods to get it in. And now we live in a school bus in the middle of the woods. I know, it sounds a little crazy. But it's awesome! We're completely off grid, and I'm still working out some of the kinks. But so far so good. There's lots of info and updates on our living situation on my YouTube channel. So check that out if you're interested. I'll probably cross-post some radio related stuff here too. I'll be showing off my new radios and homebrew antennas soon too. But that's all for now. 73!

Questions or comments? Feel free to email me at tim@w7lte.com!